Popular/New Artist of the Week: The Chainsmokers


I’m sure this name is very familiar to a large variety of our readers because this group has been killing the game these last two years. The Chainsmokers consist of two members, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, who formed their group in 2012.

EDC Las Vegas 2015


This past weekend, one of the world’s biggest EDM festivals had finally arrived. EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) Las Vegas is a legendary festival that never seems disappoints year after year. Starting on Friday, June 19th, thousands of people flooded the festival grounds right as the sun started to fall. As the light started to fade, the music and fun just started to arise.

Free Ticket Friday

This week Platinum Entertainment Group is giving you the chance of a lifetime to experience MANIA: The Electric Festival Circus. An all day party featuring some of the biggest DJ’s such as The Chainsmokers, Dallas K, DJ Ikon and more! All at Borgota Festival Park on July 5th. Get ready for the craziest, most exhilarating, BASS full day you’ll ever have. For your chance to win all you need to do is click this link https://instagram.com/p/4HgYUfPiCw/ like this picture and tag two friends. Finally just have your friends follow us on Instagram and snapchat (@pentgroup for both)! These three simple steps get you and your friends that much closer to an epic time you don’t want to miss. Keep an eye out for more Free Ticket Friday announcements this summer. Good luck to everyone who enters!